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Indian Agri market trades slightly positive in coming days

Indian Agri market trades slightly positive in coming days

Indian Agri Commodity buyer once again shows a significant reduction in prices on Monday and Tuesday with long term story results in Turmeric vigorously rebounded from lower support level.

Although Indian agri market traded with moderate volatility,y but overall market remained slightly positive. But the upside positive movement was limited in few types of commodities because of regular profit taking.

Where turmeric shows strong on other hand Guar kept trading weak on decline exports amidst weak tone in crude oil prices, and Kapas commodity expected firm rise in export demand in coming days/ weeks. No major activity was noted in oilseed complex.

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Now, Agri commodity behaves volatility but expected to firm rise on the positive note in coming days but it is not applied for every kind of commodity some agri products can experience the fall.

Commodity Agri market has great potential to make money from you just need to be aware with every ups and down in the market what movement the prices of the commodity taking in the present and what turn can it take in the future.

Indian Agri commodity market has world’s largest range to invest money and get profit this is the reason why traders and investor more inclining towards the Indian commodity market and star trade in the international market.

As we in India we have the advantage to have lots of commodity options to invest in at the same time it brings lots of confusion and doubt which is the best one to invest money when every option seems so strong and brings a number of opportunities to achieve the financial goals.

To vanish your confusion and to give the best advice Capitalboosters, the commodity advisory in India considered as the best option. Which not only provide you best commodity tips, but also help you to understand the next turn movement of the market.

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Steps to do before following Commodity Tips

Steps to do before following Commodity Tips

In most of the cases, investors and Businessman hire a financial advisor for them who can advise them to gain profit or increase the percentage of profit. As we know the financial market, including commodity and stock market investment have a high percentage of risk involved need much analytical skills and awareness to track the market moment.

Along with that before investing the market one should know market terminologies. It is not possible for a businessman to grab the market moment with taking care of their business, in that case, they prefer to hire an advisor for their own who can provide equity and commodity tips.

People generally run blindly start following the provided tips by Nifty and Commodity tips providers to make more and more money, at the end when it fails they bear the loss and get frustrated. On the other hand, if get profit they try to invest more money to multiply such profit. Yes, the stock and commodity market can prove the best short term source of making money. Only if you follow the provided tips with care and Caution.

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Below are the some required steps that should follow to earn good sum of money from the financial market

1. Before following provided tips, do a proper research of the market gather relevant data and information. Internet makes it easy take the help of the online world.
2. Next find a good online commodity advisor who can guide you the best way to earn money from commodity. There are a number of options are available it is difficult to find the best one prefer only one with the factor of Experience, Trust and reputation in the market. As your all profit and loss depend upon their provided commodity tips.
3. Now open an online trading demate account with which you can do trading. TO open the account, you have to file the required documents and read them carefully before signing the documents.
4. Although, your commodity advisor good at all points, but even though, don’t trust them blindly Observe market trends minutely to take profit driven decision for your investments.
5. TO avoid the big loss invest only the amount which you have extra don’t ever try to invest money, which you earn to fulfill your basic need. If you are dealing in the commodity market try to diversify your investments and avoid whole investment in a particular commodity.

By following above mentioned tips, you can reduce your risk and can increase the percentage of profit. Capitalboosters help you to reduce the risk and provide well-researched commodity and stock tips which results in your financial success.

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Hire a Commodity Tips Advisor to Enhance profit

Hire a Commodity Tips Advisor to Enhance profit

As a professional at some point of life, you seek for best options to invest your capital in enhancing it in a better way. At that time, it becomes so confusing for you where to spend your money to get maximum profit and which option can help you to get financial success within limited risk.

Most of the people consider financial Stock and Commodity market ideal to make profit in short period of time unlike past time Commodity market become the preferable market to invest capital and make profit from commodity market.

For that, you need a Financial advisor who can advise you in a positive way and let you make profit with the limited risk. But the task becomes so difficult when it comes to hiring an advisor as your Profit or loss completely depends upon advice that your advisor gives you. When you hire an advisor you should be aware of the following mentioned things that essential for an advisor.

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The things to look after before Hiring a Commodity Tips Advisor

Certifications- If advisory that you are hiring as your financial advisor is not SEBI certified then it would not be recommended to hire them SEBI registration is mandatory for all advisories.

Reviews- Find online and offline reviews about the advisory services if they providing write kind of services or not, how their team works, what profit they can provide, what kind of technologies they are using you should be aware of anything before hiring any commodity advisory.

Past Clients and Their Experience- Try to connect with past or Existing clients of advisory they can better suggest you to go for it, not with their past or present experiences regarding its services and provided commodity tips.

Research Team- What kind of people working in the company really matters a lot. A research and analytical team play an important role in an advisory as provided tips of stock and commodity market should well researched and analysed.

Take Free Trial- Almost all advisory offers free trial services for their new customer after selecting and before hiring commodity tips advisor must take their free trial with which you got to know about many things that you should be aware off.

Capitalboosters is one of the best advisory in India that provide stock and commodity market investment advice. If you are hiring Capitalboosters as your commodity tips provider then that would a great idea for your financial success .

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5 Ws in the commodity market

5 Ws in the commodity market

When you start thinking about to invest your money in commodities lots of questions pop up in your mind. What? Why? When? Where? Who? So, find the answers below about your all questions.

What is the commodity Market?
To understand the commodity market first, you have to understand commodities. Commodities are the basic resources that we use in our daily lives like agri products Sugar, corn, wheat, oil, basic metals like gold, silver, copper, energy-related products like Natural gas, crude oil etc. and many other kinds of commodities are there. And the marketplace where the exchange of these commodities happens is considered as Commodity Market.

Why invest in the commodity market?
The Indian-Commodity market (MCX) is the largest market in the world as the number of commodity options are available here to trade with. Trading in commodity diversifies the risk of investments as a trader have multiple opportunities to make their investments in. If you have great analytical skills and awareness, then you can definitely make money from the commodity market.

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When to invest in the Commodity market?
Time to invest is foremost important to make money or get profit from the commodity. There is no golden period to invest in the commodity market. Lots of misconceptions are there about timing to make investments, some people think that when commodity price start growing is the best period to buy, some says when commodities at its lowest price that is the best time to buy, some people thinks when the stock market at its peak that is the best time etc. But, you can’t trust on these terms we can’t major turn of the commodity market. Although these terms are majorly analyzed and have its own importance, Only your awareness and analytical skills can better tell you about the best time to invest in the commodity.

Where to invest?
Although multiple invest options open doors of opportunities and diversify the risk factor but at the same time it increases the confusion in the mind. One thing you can do make investing according to your investment capabilities, the amount of capital you want to trade with. If, you have a good amount of money you can go with the precious metals like Gold, Silver etc. Or if you want to start with a small amount you can go with agri commodity products.

Who can Trade?
In the previous ages, people are not more aware of the potential of commodity markets and took it so hard to maintain as they have to buy it in the physical form. But, with the advancement in technology everything become virtual people start taking an interest into a trade in the commodity, and in today’s time people are more inclined towards making investments in the commodity. All small and Big players have enormous opportunities to earn a profit.

Only your Decision-making ability matters when you invest in the commodity market. Either you can do it by yourself or the best option available hire an advisor who can better advise you to invest in the commodity market and earn a profit. Capital boosters in one of the best commodity advisors in India you can advise you only to earn a profit from the market.

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Commodity  Market Terminologies

Commodity Market Terminologies

Let you introduce to the popular commodity market terminologies that will help you to understand about the commodity market very easily. By these terms you can easily grab the commodity situations very promptly. Let’s have a look on these terms. Let’s read the ABCD of the commodity market:
It is process of simultaneous buying selling of identical commodities in diverse markets in order to take benefit of a price discrepancy.

Arbitration is the process of settling disputes among members or between the members and the customers.

Agricultural Gross Domestic Product
Agricultural Marketing

An assayer is an entity may be a person or institution that validates and grades the commodities that are delivered in exchange accredited warehouses.

It is the difference between the current cash price and the futures price of the same commodity. Simply it is the price difference between a cash contract and future contract.

Bar Chart:
Bar chart indicates the high, low and settlement prices for a specific trading session over a given a period of time.

When the market prices will decline

When the market price will incline

The difference between the price at which a dealer is willing to buy and sell a commodity
Bid Price:
The maximum price at which a dealer is willing to buy commodities

A company or individual that is medium for executing futures and option orders on behalf of financial and commercial institutions and general public.

Bureau of Indian Standards

The general term for Gold and Silver

Buying Forward:
Buying commodities as stipulated price for delivery at a future date
Commodity is a physical substance that is traded on an authorized commodity exchange such as agricultural products, base metals, and bullion and energy products.
Cash Commodity:
The actual physical product on which a futures contract is based. These products can include financial instruments, agricultural commodities, and financial instruments and cash equivalents of index futures.
Closed Out Price:
It is the rate at which settlement of short delivery of commodities is completed.
Closing Range:
It is the range of prices at which buy and sell transactions took place during the market close.
Cotton Corporation of India
Cost, Insurance and Freight
Day Traders:
Speculators who take positions in futures and liquidate them prior to the close of the same trading day
The transfer of cash commodity from the seller of future contracts to the buyer of future contract. Each future contract has some specific procedures for delivery of a cash commodity.
Delivery Date:
The day in the month that commodities on a futures contract have to be delivered.
Equilibrium Price:
Equilibrium is the condition at which the quantity supplied of a commodity equals the quantity demanded.
Expiration Date:
Options on futures generally expire on a specific date during the month preceding the futures contract.
Forward Price:
It is the fixed price at which a specified amount of a commodity is to be delivered on a fixed date in the future.
Fundamental Analysis:
A method of predicting future price movement using supply and demand information
Food and Agriculture Organisation
Food and Agriculture Organisation
Gross Domestic Product
Gross National Product
A hedger is an individual or company planning to own a cash commodity such as soyabeans, gold, silver and much more and concerned about the cost mat change in future. While holding it a hedger achieves protection against changing cash prices by purchasing or selling futures contracts of the same or similar commodity.
Hedging is placed to protect against the risk.
Initial Margin:
The amount that must be deposited by futures market participant into his margin account at the time of he is placing order to buy or sell a futures contract.
Inverted Market:
ISIN is the Commodity Identification Number by which each commodity with its specific details is uniquely represented.
It is minimum or lowest price of the day for a particular futures contract.
Multi Commodity Exchange of India is an online commodity exchange through which various commodity trades promoted by Financial Technologies Ltd, SBI, UBI, BOI, BOB etc.
Margin Call:
It is a call from a clearing house to a clearing member or from a brokerage firm to a customer, to bring the margin deposits up to a required minimum level.
National Commodity and Derivative Exchange of India is online commodity exchange on which basically agricultural entity is traded and promoted by NSE, ICICI, LIC, PNB, CRISIL and IFFCO etc.
Offer can explained as an expression indicating one’s desire to sell a commodity at a given price, opposite of bid.
Taking a second futures position opposite to the initial or opening position
Online Commodity Exchange India Ltd.
Open Position:
A long or short trading position that is not yet closed
A buyer of a futures contract is said to have a long position and seller of futures contracts is said to have a short position.
Price Limit:
The maximum incline or decline from the previous day’s settlement price permitted for a contract in one trading session according to the rule of exchanges.
Rally: An adequate rise in the value of a commodity market after a decline.
Short Selling:
A strategy in which a speculator sells a commodity in which he or she does not own in order to profit from a falling market. The speculator will borrow the commodity from a third party and then immediately sell it to another buyer.
Settlement date:
On this date a contract must be fully paid for and delivered.
Trade Date:
The date on which a trade is executed for a specified value date.
Unique Client code:
The unique code is allotted to all members of exchange that will tell you about all the details of clients.
Volatility is the measure of the change in price over a given time period. Generally expressed as a percentage and calculated as the annualized standard deviation of percentage change in daily price.
The volume is defined as the number of purchases or sales of a commodity futures contract placed during a specified period of time in one trading day.
Warehouse Receipt:
It shows the existence and availability of a given quantity and quality of a commodity in a storage, basically a depository or warehouse receipt is allotted when delivery takes place in a commodity exchange. It also defines the grade and quality of commodities.

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