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We provide recommendation in equity & commodity market which are sub­ject to mar­ket risk. Every investor of equity & commodity market should read the “Market Risk” before they invest their money in the market.

As an investor, you should be aware of one concepts – “Market risk”

Mar­ket risk –

What do you mean by mar­ket risk? It is the risk which can reduce the value of the invest­ment because of mar­ket con­di­tions. The dif­fer­ent types of mar­ket risk are as fol­lows – Equity risk, Cur­rency risk, Com­mod­ity risk.

  • Equity risk – This type of risk arises due to changes in stock prices.
  • Cur­rency risk — This type of risk arises due to changes in the for­eign exchange rates.
  • Com­mod­ity Risk — This type of risk arises due to changes in the com­mod­ity prices.

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